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Helstrom season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Containment”?




Episode 4 provides an opportunity for the siblings to learn about each other and Gabriella to learn more about this world. This is a chapter that should have been earlier as it brings a welcome context.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 4, “Containment” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 4 begins with Gabriella attending church and taking part in prayers. She delivers her confession — she feels she hasn’t carried out her mission from Rome; Gabriella is having doubts about what she’s seen and felt. Father wonders if there’s a sin here and asks if she likes the way he makes her feel between her legs — the Father then attacks her. Gabriella is having a crisis of faith in the fourth chapter, but it’s clearly got her in trouble — it makes for an exciting chapter to understand why she’s having a crisis. Her experience with all of this makes for a good story.

You could do so much better.

Episode 4 then moves to “Earlier Today’. All the characters are getting ready for the day with soulful music playing in the background. Gabriella heads to Ana’s house, and she is looking for Daimon; Ana tells her she can do so much better.

It feels like Ana is hitting on Gabriella here, but we could be wrong.

We need a gatekeeper

The team get together, and Gabriella is introduced to Caretaker for the first time. Daimon announces that his father is back. Ana believes that he’s taken a new form and reborn. Caretaker believes they cannot kill their father, but they can use another demon, a gatekeeper, to keep their father at bay. Caretaker suggests that Ana uses the skull she found, but it is in San Francisco. Daimon wants to join Ana in retrieving it.

What’s interesting is how Gabriella questions how this is all possible and Caretaker tells her it is all real. Her perspective is completely changing.

Yen is not here

So we are back to the present here, and Caretaker saves Gabriella from the demon attacking her. When Daimon and Ana reach San Francisco, they cannot find Yen, and they find a dead body in Ana’s place. The skull is gone. Ana uses her powers and sees a robbery; they check the CCTV, and it shows that Yen axed the man — Ana is justifying what Yen did but wonders why he took the skull. Daimon is flabbergasted that she doesn’t want to ring the police and is showing no compassion. Ana just wants to dispose of the body.

Episode 4 shows how much Daimon knows about her sister and how this is a learning experience for him — it’s now what he wanted to learn.

The Blood

Gabriella asks Caretaker how he saved her. He explains how he used a talisman, but they haven’t got much time left. Caretaker takes her to a hotel which is definitely not a regular hotel. As they walk around the place, Caretaker shows people who have been “Marked”, meaning possessed. The place is run by a group of people called “The Blood” — they find a way to “Contain” — which means putting demons in induced comas.

Judging by Gabriella’s face, it’s pretty obvious she is against what this place does.

Something has changed

Victoria’s vitals are lowering. Louise suggests giving her some air. Victoria explains how the outside calms her, and she’s not felt like this in a long time. She then goes on about how she loved someone and references the children she adored, but weirdly, not Ana and Daimon. Victoria says the children were taken from her. Louise feels something is different about Victoria and asks “Who are you?”. Victoria says she is called Cathara.

The boyfriend has questions

A police officer named Derek enters Ana’s warehouse and asks where Chris Yen is. He’s Chris’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Chris is venturing in some tunnels — he lays the skull on the floor. Derek asks Ana where Chris is, and she tells him that she sent him abroad for an appraisal. Derek then sees blood and Ana gives an excuse.

What are Ana and Yen really doing?

When Derek leaves, Ana tells her brother they are in the business of artefacts. Daimon is wondering what Ana would have done if Derek didn’t believe them — he suspects this has nothing to do with the art business. He wants to know what she and Yen are doing. Ana admits that Yen helps her kill people.

She expands; Ana explains she only kills people who deserve it and does her research. Daimon doesn’t want it to be true, and he’s struggling with the revelation — especially with their bloodline. Ana says it is different and that she kills people like their father.

So Episode 4 confirms that Ana is some twisted vigilante — it’s easy to understand why Daimon struggles with all of this, especially considering their family history.

Gabriella feels there is another way

Gabriella tells Caretaker that the people in “The Blood” are real and have families. She feels there’s a better way, and inducing them is treating the disease, not curing it.

She doesn’t want to return to her room

Victoria does not want to go back to her room. The evil inside her offers to take away Louise’s cancer as a bargain. Louise seems shook by her words and asks the staff to put her in the room.

The box

Episode 4 finally sees Ana open up to Daimon, ever so slightly.

Ana gets upset and tells Daimon that she doesn’t get pleasure from what she does. She wants to put a stop to people who spread the pain. Ana shows him a box of gifts that her father bought her over the years — she had no idea at the time where the gifts were from. Ana explains how her mother never got rid of the box when they cleared the house because she was too weak. Ana vows to bury the box when she kills him.

Does Louise know about this place?

In “The Blood”, Gabriella sees the priest needing more drugs to calm down the demon. Caretaker tries to calm Gabriella down, but when she asks if Louise knows about the place, he hesitates, so she walks off.

She asks Louise about “The Blood”. Louise explains that “The Blood” has nothing to do with them. When Gabriella threatens to take it to the Vatican, Louise suggests that they already know — “The Church is an institution”. Louise talks about different methodologies and reminds Gabriella that their enemy is the same.

This felt political — Louise would rather keep quiet for a greater good than unveil bad practice — this is typical of large organisations.

The ending

Daimon decides to help Ana and uses his powers to disintegrate the dead body. Afterwards, Daimon offers Ana his place to stay, but she politely declines. Daimon returns home, and Bryce is there. He wants to make a deal on behalf of their father — he wants Ana — “Give us Ana, and we’ll spare your mother”. Daimon uses his powers to attack Bryce, but he gets him back. Ana enters and helps Daimon out. Both siblings hold Bryce and Daimon uses his powers to remove the evil from Bryce. Ana is impressed with Daimon’s powers and asks if she can stay.

The chapter ends with Chris Yen in the tunnel with the skull. He is under the facility.

Helstrom season 1, episode 4 provides an opportunity for the siblings to learn about each other and Gabriella to learn more about this world. This is a chapter that should have been earlier as it brings a welcome context.

Additional points
  • Daimon asks Ana if she ever talked about her life on the road “with him” (in reference to the father). Ana isn’t in the mood for sibling talk.
  • Yen starts eating spiders but then snaps out of it and says “It’s not okay”.

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