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See Run the Jewels Perform ‘RTJ4’ in Entirety at ‘Holy Calamavote’ Livestream



Run the Jewels performed their latest album RTJ4 in its entirety for the first time for the “Holy Calamavote,” Adult Swim and Ben & Jerry’s livestream that encouraged fans to register to vote as well as support the ACLU.

During the livestream, Killer Mike and El-P were joined virtually by many of RTJ4’s guests: On “Ju$t,” both Pharrell Williams and Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha appeared via video for their respective verses, while Mavis Staples and Josh Homme showed up like apparitions on “Pulling the Pin.” Eric Andre served as emcee for the event, briefly interrupting the performance at times to play the role of telethon host.

“We’re proud to be a part of this initiative to encourage and enable voting and can’t wait to finally perform our album RTJ4,” Run the Jewels previously said in a statement. “This will be fun.”

In June, Killer Mike and El-P spoke to Rolling Stone about their latest album and the current state of America. “I’m encouraged that Americans are seeing that we have a common enemy right now,” Killer Mike said. “I’m encouraged that the march for the rights of black citizens is being connected to the fight for women’s rights, for the rights of legal and illegal immigrants, for a lot of other fights for basic human rights. Everyone has hit an ‘enough is enough’ point. But yeah, being angry is a lifelong affliction for the black community. Channeling it is tougher.”

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5 biggest moments from the Lovecraft Country season finale: “Full Circle”




What happens in the Lovecraft Country finale?

There is no denying that HBO‘s Lovecraft Country has outdone all expectations with its critically acclaimed first season, leaving many wondering what to expect from the highly anticipated final episode. Fans were not disappointed as the series tied up several of its loose ends while brilliantly leaving certain aspects open to exploring in a follow-up run.

The first season finale, “Full Circle,” had no shortage of shocking moments that undoubtedly had subscribers dropping their jaws to the floor

. From spell-casting showdowns to robot armed death chokeholds, here are the five of the most significant moments from the biggest episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

1. Taking a bite out of Titus!

Leti and Tic return to the mysterious tunnels via the magic elevator they encountered back in episode four, “A History of Violence,” in order to resurrect Titus Braithwhite. They bring the racists sorcerer back from the dead in order to remove his protection spell and grab a piece of his chest in the process to give Atticus the advantage against Christina.

But the resilient, dynamic duo isn’t alone in this daunting endeavor as Tic’s mother, Hattie, and Hanna help take down Titus in a spellbinding showdown many years in the making. Later we see Tic commemorate this win by eating the piece of Titus’s chest, washing it down with some satisfying blood, further proving Lovecraft Country’s excellence in outdoing all expectations.

2. That’s not Ruby!

It was hard to tell where Ruby’s loyalties lied due to her body-swapping relationship with Christina. The two had become romantically involved, so it seemed like she may not come thru for Leti when her sister asks for some of MS. Braithwaite for a spell. Shockingly enough, Ruby comes through with some Christine DNA in a potion vial.

But we soon learn that Ruby was caught during her effort to secure a sample for her sister resulting in her untimely demise. The Ruby we see on screen is just Ms. Braithwhite in disguise, thoroughly indicating the ambitious sorceress is as merciless as she is relentless.

3. Kumiho to the rescue!

Ji-Ah has been one of the best parts of the series, and it was pretty apparent they were setting Jaimie Chung’s character up for something big before the credits rolled. And the nine-tailed fox spirit came through in a big way.

The shaman’s prediction of the Kumiho becoming one with the darkness came true as she absorbed the dark energy expelled during the ritual, attaining the same effects that would have occurred had Ruby succeeded in her efforts. As a result of Ji-Ah’s interference, Christina’s plan is thwarted, and viewers are given a montage of vision showcasing Montrose’s letter being delivered to Hippolyta, Tic teaching Diana how to Shoggoth whisperer, and Ruby’s unfortunate fate providing a powerful climax to an epic battle.

4. The death of Atticus Freeman

There was always a chance that one of the main characters wasn’t going to make it out of the first alive, and a lot of us figured Atticus would be the one to bite the dust. Time and time again, he showed that he was ready to sacrifice himself as necessary, and unfortunately, that was the case with the well-crafted season finale.

During the ritual, his blood was drained thanks to Christina cutting some pretty devastating wounds on Tic, and then when you add in the lethal side effects of certain incantations, the chances of survival, no matter how magical a person is, are not good. It’s hard to count out a return from Atticus at some point, given the fact that time travel and other dimensions exist, but for now, the champion of Lovecraft Country has earned some much-needed rest.

5. Diana gets a robot Winter Soldier arm

Just when audiences thought the Lovecraft Country season finale had no surprises left, it brings us back to the place of the ritual with Christina trapped under a pile of rubble. Her cries for help go unnoticed until Diana, and her new pet Shoggoth arrive on the scene.

Christina askes for help, but Diana reveals her new robotic arm that Hippolyta must have constructed for her. She then proceeds to strangle the sinister sorceress until her neck caves in, leaving a bloody mess all over her pretty face. It will be very interesting to see how Diana’s new upgraded appendage factors into future Lovecraftian adventures down the line.

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Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Has Recorded a Podcast From Prison




A little over two years into his six-year prison sentence and three years since Fyre Festival burned spectacularly on the funeral pyre of internet schadenfreude, Billy McFarland is back. He’s back in podcast form, one called  Dumpster Fyre, according to the Daily Mail. The brains behind the doomed festival is releasing the episodes from inside prison, while “Billy’s team” markets it on his Instagram, per his account’s bio. 

So far, all the media around the podcast—the trailer, the photos on Instagram—are pretty outré, let’s call it. It uses all the visual touchstones of prison to glorify McFarland’s situation, like photos of him with his fellow inmates in the Elkton Federal Correctional Institution yard and an apparent stock photo of a person in an orange jumpsuit. In the opening teaser, he introduces himself by his inmate number first, and then says, “otherwise known as Billy McFarland.” 

To make the podcast, host Jordan Harbinger reportedly recorded 15-minute conversations with McFarland over the course of a week. It’s like Serial, the 2014 Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder joint that launched a billion podcasts! Koenig relied, in part, on recorded phone calls from the inside to make that one as well. And speaking of the inside, Earlonne Woods’ Ear Hustle is an exploration of prison life created inside San Quentin State Prison. That one is done well.

This one, well. You hate to judge a podcast by its 27-second trailer and marketing materials but it’s hard to see the guy who got six years for some of the most obvious, spectacular public fraud this side of Bernie Madoff (and then ran another fraud while out on bail) handling this with delicate self-reflection and honestly earned remorse. People can surprise you though.

McFarland reportedly makes gestures at a mea culpa in the podcast, saying, “I’m not going to hide behind my mistakes; I’m going to share everything that happened.” But underpinning all is McFarland’s need to take hold of the narrative. Most people who find themselves in white-collar legal trouble wait until they’ve served their time to do a well-placed sympathetic interview and get accepted back into society, but it’s 2020 I guess. Why not do a podcast? Plus, “just wait” doesn’t seem to be in this guy’s vocabulary.

According to the Daily Mail, McFarland tells Harbinger that he wants to set the record straight in light of the documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, the latter of which he was reportedly paid to consult for. Which brings us to the question: after the actual Fyre Festival in 2017 and all the reporting on the Fyre Festival and its pop culture and legal fallout in 2018 and the documentaries about the Fyre Festival in 2019, do we really need to relitigate Fyre Festival right now? Short answer is no. 

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Confirmed In Canon With 1974 Movie




The upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot from Legendary is confirmed to be a continuation of Tobe Hooper’s original 1974 horror classic.

The next Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is confirmed to be in canon with the first film in the franchise. Tobe Hooper’s original Texas Chain Saw Massacre came out in 1974 and is considered one of the most popular and grotesque horror films of the decade. This movie introduced Leatherface to the horror community, a cannibalistic maniac who was partly inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein.

Due to the graphic nature of the original, the franchise is still popular today. After Legendary Entertainment bought the rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in August 2018, it was announced that a reboot was in development along with a possible TV series. After a week of filming the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, the directors were replaced in favor of David Blue Garcia, who is mostly known as a cinematographer. The next Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie recently wrapped production, which has allowed Legendary Entertainment to not only release a new poster featuring Leatherface, but also give fans an idea of what the story will be about.

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In a recent press release from Legendary Entertainment for the Call of Duty “The Haunting of Verdansk” event, it was revealed that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot will be a continuation of Tobe Hooper’s original film. Legendary announced this by saying, “The new film, a continuation of Tobe Hooper’s shocking 1974 seminal horror classic, marks the return of Leatherface, re-introducing one of the most iconic villains of the horror genre to a whole new generation.”

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Family Dinner Table

Like many popular horror movies, the success of Hooper’s original Texas Chain Saw Massacre paved the way for several lackluster entries to the franchise. Hooper returned to direct Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which got mixed reviews from fans and critics but eventually garnered a cult following. The following six films continued to deteriorate the quality of the franchise. Future Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies muddled the canon by some following the events of the original and others ignoring the events of past sequels.

Taking place after the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre clearly seems like the best route to go for the reboot. 2018’s Halloween was a successful sequel that took place 40 years after John Carpenter’s 1978 film and effectively retconned every sequel. While the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot will be a continuation of the original, it remains to be seen when the film will be set. It could take place in the ’70s and directly pick up where the original left off, or it could take a page from Halloween and be set in the present day. Regardless, Legendary Pictures has a real opportunity to successfully reboot The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Why Back To The Future 4 Will NEVER Happen

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