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Teenager suffers burns across face and body after head lice shampoo catches fire



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After coming home from boarding school for Christmas with head lice, Aleema Ali turned to a medicated shampoo to get rid of them.

But while she waited the recommended five minutes for the solution to work, she went to take the rubbish out in the kitchen.

Her mum was cooking at the time and neither of them realised that the stuff on Aleema’s hair was extremely flammable.

As the then 12-year-old walked past the cooker, her hair caught fire and her head was quickly engulfed in flames.

She was rushed to hospital and taken to intensive care where she had to be placed in a coma for two months.

Now four years on, Aleema, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has slowly rebuilt her life and she is now studying A-levels in college.

Aleema before the accident (Picture: Jam Press)

Describing the terrifying accident, Aleema said: ‘I had caught head lice and I asked my mum to take them out for me. That same night, she put the medication onto my hair and then went to the kitchen to make food.

‘I went to the kitchen to get to the bin and whilst I was walking past, my hair caught fire as the medicine was extremely flammable.

‘I panicked and went to a state of shock and the only thing I could think was, “I’m going to die.”

‘I was in a coma for two months so there was no immediate reaction. They slowly built up the amount of time I was awake.’

Aleema suffered third-degree burns on 55% of her body including her face, head, arms, chest, thighs, stomach, back and hands. She also lost seven fingers and is currently only able to move two of her remaining fingers

She has had many skin graft surgeries and has had to wear specialised garments to help her skin heal, as well as a daily medication regime to help her body deal with the damage.

Aleema in hospital (Picture: Jam Press)

She said: ‘My recovery was extremely difficult and it is still ongoing. Every day, I have to do nebulisers, humidifiers, pressure garments, splits, creams, medication and much a more.

‘I’ve had hundreds of surgeries before and will hopefully have more in the future.

‘Every single member of the NHS has been so supportive from the hospitals I’ve been to including Birmingham children’s hospital, Sheffield children’s hospital and Pinderfields.

Aleema now (Picture: Jam Press)

‘Internally, I am completely fine. I was also told my hair wouldn’t grow back but miraculously it has. I can still lead a completely normal life. I can drive and do everyday activities.’

She now posts make up tutorials on her TikTok page @aleemaxali and has over 250,000 followers.

She has gained millions of views on her videos, with one of her make up videos amassing 15.8 million views.

She said: ‘In a way, I am now glad this happened. It’s made me into a better person. My self-love and confidence have risen rapidly.

‘It’s changed my life for the better. I’m a much stronger, braver and confident than I was before.’

Now, Aleema has since launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for further skin graft surgery on her nose and lips.

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Conor McGregor shares video of illegal knee used in Khabib Nurmagomedov fight




UFC 254 weigh-in live stream: Watch Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje online by Thomas Albano

Conor McGregor shares video of illegal knee he hit on Khabib Nurmagomedov

As Khabib Nurmagomedov prepares to defend the UFC lightweight championship against Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 254, longtime foe Conor McGregor has been revisiting the title fight he had with Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 two years ago.

In a new series of tweets, McGregor shows a video of an illegal knee he hit on the lightweight champion in the bout and got away with.

The knee into the eye socket was illegal yes, from this position. A beauty tho. Never before seen shot. Like many of my shots. I use the mount defence leg as a spring board, loading the knee below it. Release and straight to the eye socket. Smashed it in! . Hey Dana ?

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA)

Conor McGregor shares illegal knee he hit on Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229

In the clip, Nurmagomedov has McGregor grounded when, as McGregor describes, he uses mount defense to land a knee to the head of Nurmagomedov.

McGregor then defends his knee as to why it shouldn’t be illegal but “should be enshrined,” making fun of Nurmagomedov’s grappling and ground-based work that’s helped him to his perfect 28-0 record.

Earlier this week, McGregor already he had gone through, claiming it was all due to his striking, before getting submitted in the fourth.

This is also far from the only two times that McGregor had made fun of Nurmagomedov’s Sambo and wrestling base, utilizing the style to defeat McGregor.

Nurmagomedov has also stated on multiple occasions that he has no interest in a rematch with the Irish star.

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SF 49ers trade for Jordan Willis suggests Dee Ford’s health isn’t good




The SF 49ers are trading with the NY Jets for EDGE Jordan Willis, calling into question if fellow EDGE Dee Ford’s health is a long-term concern.

The SF 49ers‘ outside pass rush was supposed to be the primary strength of the defense heading into 2020, but the first six weeks of the regular season have yielded disastrous results.

Of course, losing two of the team’s best edge rushers, (torn ACL) and (back), for extended periods of time certainly influenced the Niners boasting a mere 10 sacks on the season, tied for 22nd overall in the league.

Bosa is out for the rest of the year, while Ford’s return remains unknown. Head coach Kyle Shanahan he wasn’t anticipating Ford coming back until Week 11 at the soonest, and even that possible return remains up in the air.

Additionally, San Francisco lost veteran EDGE to a torn bicep after only two games played, so he’ll be lost for the year.

Currently, the SF 49ers are awfully shorthanded on the outside, and they’re still awaiting the return of defensive end , who suffered a setback in his ACL recovery from last year’s injury.

So it makes some sense the Niners are taking a low-risk, potentially high-reward move on the trade market.

SF 49ers trade for NY Jets EDGE Jordan Willis

On Wednesday, reported San Francisco was executing a trade with the NY Jets for 25-year-old EDGE , who broke into the league as a third-round draft pick of the Cincinnati Bengals out of Kansas State.

Willis spent his first two seasons in Cincy, primarily featured on special teams before being waived and then claimed by the Jets in September of 2019.

Provided by View Original TableGenerated 10/21/2020.

According to the report, the SF 49ers are sending off a 2022 sixth-round pick to New York in exchange for Willis and the Jets’ seventh-round selection in next year’s NFL Draft.

Willis had 11.5 sacks his senior season at Kansas State, going along with 17.5 tackles for a loss that year. But his transition over to the pro ranks hasn’t produced the same kind of pass-rushing results, as he’s managed only three quarterback takedowns in his career and had just 10 pressures over the last two-plus seasons.

Perhaps the Niners saw something in Willis they thought they could work with, if nothing more than the opportunity to provide some depth at a position where San Francisco clearly needs some help.

Willis will have to go through COVID-19 testing protocols before he can officially join the team for its next game on the road in Week 7 against the New England Patriots.

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How to respec skills in Torchlight 3




Like many other action-RPGS, Torchlight 3 grants skill points as you level up. Characters also have perks that usually allow you to upgrade up to level 10, with extra “boons” for each skill tier you reach. As you go through the game, you may encounter instances where the skills you have chosen are no longer the right fit. Thankfully, Torchlight 3 has a respec system for skills so you’re not stuck with your choices, but you will have to do a little work if you want to make changes. This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to change up your skills.

How to respec skills in Torchlight 3

Respectacles-what they are and where to find them

To respec your skills and alter your build in Torchlight 3, you’ll need Respectacles. Respectacles can be obtained from bosses, either via their drops when defeated, or the chests they guard. This includes bosses found in regular areas, dungeon delves, and Mapworks dungeons.

Additionally, once you hit level 15 you will also start earning Respectacle points every ten levels. So at level 15, 25, 35, etc. you’ll get Respectacle points.

Using Respectacles

To actually respec your character once you have found a Respectacle, simply go over to the consumables tab in your menu, select the Respectacle item, and use it. Once it’s consumed, the Respectacle will give you points that can in turn be used to switch your skills around.

Once you have the points, you will need to head to your Fort and build the Skill Station for your controlled class. For example, the Sharpshooter needs to build the Arms Cart. Once you have built the right Skill Station, interact with it to bring up the two skill trees for your character’s class. To refund a point, hover your mouse over the skill you want to refund and hold right click. This will return your point so you can spend it elsewhere.

Ty is a freelance writer who bounces around the web. They love indie games, Bayonetta, and monstrous women and can be found covering all of the above. They’re also the EIC and resident thembo of Uppercut.

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