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Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…PreeRan Arjun Bijlani-Ada Khan Part 3



Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…Every heart that falls in love…Part 3
Thank u very much my dear Reena for your lovely Dheeraj Ada edits.

Karan brought soup for Preeta and tried to feed Preeta.
Preeta:No Kanishk.First I want to know whether you are hiding something from me.Something is bothering you.I fear whether that is affecting their relationship.
Karan shed tears.Preeta was shocked.
Preeta:What happened Kanishk?Why so much of pain in your heart?
Karan:I am sorry Preeta.You are very innocent.I can’t cheat you anymore.
Preeta:What are you saying Kanishk?
Karan:I am not your Kanishk.I am Karan,an ordinary play artiste.
Preeta was shocked.
Preeta:Stop joking Kanishka.
Karan:No Preeta.I am saying the truth.
He told her everything.Preeta was shattered.She burst into tears.
Karan:I am sorry for hurting you Preeta.But our intention was not wrong.
Preeta looked at him painfully while Karan was not able to face her.

Sarla,Raghuveer and Ruchika came there.
They were shocked to see Preeta in tears.
Raghu:What happened Preeta?
Karan:I told her that I am Karan.
They were shocked.
Raghu:Why did you tell her that now?
Sarla:In this condition why did you do this Karan?
Preeta:Papa,Maa…Karan did right.He does not want to cheat me.
I respect him a lot now.Good that you told me the truth.Though I am not his wife how he was willing to stay here to cure me shows that he is a gem.

He is so helpful.I am really grateful to you Karan.
Karan:Don’t say like that Preeta.I did not do any sacrifice like you think.I did this for my mother and sister.Ruchika is taking care of their treatment and education.
Ruchika:I am sorry Preeta.

Preeta:Why should you be sorry Ruchika?You did it for me only.You are the best sister.
Ruchika caressed her emotionally.
Ruchika:Preeta…are you alright?Kanishk…
Preeta:Yes Ruchika.Don’t worry.I promise you that I will not cry and waste my time for that cheater Kanishk.
Everyone smiled emotionally.
Ruchika and Preeta hugged each other.


Ruchika went to the ground to enjoy the Holi celebration.Suddenly someone came from behind and coloured her cheeks.She looked at that person and got surprised:Raj!
Raj smiled:Yes..your Raj is back.
Ruchika:Wow!Why did’nt you inform me about your arrival?
Raj:To surprise you.Happy Holi.

Ruchika smiled:Happy Holi.

She coloured his face.Raj was lost in her.

Karan went near Preeta .He at near her on the bed.
Karan:Happy holi Preeta..
He coloured her face.
Preeta became very happy.She coloured him back.
Preeta:Happy Holi Karan.
Karan:Come with me.All are waiting for you.
Preeta:But how can I come?

Karan:When I am there you don’t worry.
He got up from the bed and moved towards Preeta.But he tripped and fell over her on the bed.
They got lost in each other.

They both came back to senses.Karan got up from the bed.
Preeta became shy.
Karan was not able to face her:I am sorry.

Preeta blushed:It’s ok.
Suddenly Karan picked her up in his arms.Preeta could not believe it.
Preeta:What is this Karan?

Karan took her out in his arms and put her in the wheel chair.He pushed the wheel chair to the area where all were waiting for Preeta.Raghuveer,Sarla and Ruchika coloured her cheek happily wishing her happy holi.She became very happy.
Ruchika looked at Karan:Happy Holi Karan.
She coloured his cheeks.
Karan:Happy Holi Ruchika.
He coloured her cheeks.She felt his touch magical.

All were enjoying Holi.

Preeta and Karan dreamt of having a rain dance at the Holi event.

Tip-tip barsaa paani… (2)
Paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

Naam tera mere labon pe aayaa tha… (2)
Ho maine bahaane se tumhe bulaaya tha
Jhoom kar aa gayaa saavan main kya karu

Tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

Duubaa dariyaa mein khadaa main saahil par… (2)
Tu bijali bankar giri mere dil par
Chali aaisi yeh paagal pavan main kya karu

Tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein jo toh dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to chha gaya mujhpe deewanapan
Mere bas mein nahi mera mann main kya karu(Mohra).

They both woke up from the dream and looked at each other blushing.
Karan thought:What am I dreaming?
Preeta thought:Am I falling for Karan?
Ruchika blushed thinking of Karan colouring her cheeks.

Karan and Preeta imagined romancing each other.

Use hasna bhi hoga, Use rona bhi hoga
Use pa na bhi hoga, Use khona bhi hoga

Suba,shaam tanayee mai aahay bharega
Har dil jo pyaar karega

Har dil jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega
Use hasna bhi hoga, Use rona bhi hoga

Use pa na bhi hoga, Use kohna bhi hoga
Suba,shaam tanayee mai aahay bharegaaa
Har dil jo pyaar karega

Har dil jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega

Raj dreamt of romancing Ruchika.
Ohhhh Palko ke mahike gharr mai yehhh
sapna banke pal tha hai,is ke pagel dadkhan seee,zor koi yeh chalta hai

Use jagna bhi hoga, use so na bhi hoga

use jena bhi hoga, zaheir pena bhi hoga

Kasi ke hassin chahare pe woh to maregaa
Har dil jo pyaar karega

Har dil jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega

Ruchika imagined romancing Karan.

Ohhhhh Bhahiki chian kaise kooo, behchaine kyo letha hai

Yeh hai sarri dewanna hai jo,ishq mai jaan de betha hai
Use kehna bhi hoga, chup rehna bhi hoga
Use darde judai, yah sehna bhi hoga

Lakh judaai bhi woh na jisake gaa
Har dil jo pyaar karega

Har dil Jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega(Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega).

Preeta,Ruchika,Raj,Raghuveer and Sarla were sitting together.

Karan did mono act before them.
Sarla:You are a very good actor Karan.
Raj:Really fantastic.
Ruchika:I had seen Karan’s potential when I saw his play itself.

They all smiled. you dance.
Ruchika said emotionally:No,I can’t dance without you.
Preeta became upset.
Sarla:Ruchika and Preeta always dance together.
Karan:It will happen again.Preeta will walk soon.
Preeta looked down painfully.
Karan:Preeta..get up and walk.
Preeta and others were stunned. can I walk?
Karan:You can Preeta.Try…
Preeta:No Karan..
Karan:Yes…you can.Get up.
Preeta struggled hard to get up from the wheel chair.Ruchika also helped her to get up.Finally Preeta stood on her own feet.All were very happy.
Karan:Now walk Preeta.Ruchika..leave her.Without your support let her walk.
Preeta:Karan..I can’t.
Karan:You can..walk…
Preeta tried to walk.Finally she started taking slow steps forward.All were happy.
But Preeta became so weak that she felt that she was going to fall.She fell over Karan and for balance she embraced Karan.She was scared and tearful.

Karan caressed her emotionally.

Karan:Don’t be scared Preeta.You have not fallen down.

Raghuveer-Sarla smiled.Ruchika looked at them hug emotionally.
Karan:You did it Preeta..finally you walked.
Preeta smiled at him tearfully.
Preeta:Thank you Karan.It’s all because of you.
Karan smiled.
Karan:Keep walking everyday for some time.You will be able to walk fast like before.
Preeta nodded.

Karan and Ruchika helped Preeta to walk.Finally Preeta started walking independently.All were very happy and hugged Preeta.In excitement Karan too embraced Preeta.Preeta blushed.Realizing what he did Karan got embarrassed and moved away.
Karan: I am sorry.
Preeta blushed.
Sarla-Raghuveer smiled.
Ruchika became dull.Raj noticed that.

Raj took her to another room.
Raj:Do you love Karan?
Raj was becoming restless.
Ruchika was silent.
Raj realized what her answer with a heart break.

Raj sat in his room and looked at his photographs with Ruchika shedding tears.

Raj remembered a past incident.
To make Ruchika jealous Raj spend time with their friend Brinda.But Ruchika just smiled seeing his closeness with her.

Raj thought with tears in his mind:I am a fool.You don’t love me at all.That’s why when you saw me with Brinda it did’nt effect you.

Sarla and Raghuveer were sitting together and talking.
Sarla:Karan is such a nice boy.
Raghuveer:You are right.Though he looks like Kanishk character wise Karan is just opposite to him.
Sarla:Yes.Karan did so much for Preeta.We got our Preeta back because of Karan.Raghuveerji..what about getting Preeta married to Karan?
Raghu:It’s a very nice idea.I also want that.Getting a husband like Karan is a luck for our Preeta.I will talk to Karan about it.
Ruchika who overheard this burst into tears.

Ruchika was walking on the road painfully.She did’nt know that a truck was behind her.Suddenly somebody pulled her away.She looked at that person.It was Raj.
Raj:Why are you so absent minded Ruchika?What if that vehicle had hit you?I would have lost you.Why don’t you understand that?
Suddenly Raj realized what he said.
Raj:I am sorry.
Ruchika looked at him tearfully.
Ruchika:After knowing that I don’t love you also you love me?Why you did’nt stop loving me?
Raj:How can I stop loving you when I love you with all my heart?True love can’t be forgotten that easily.And what if you don’t love me,still I am your best friend.Right?
Ruchika embraced him weeping.He caressed her.
Raj:What happened Ruchika?
Ruchika was silent.

Then he remembered Ruchika’s face becoming dull seeing Karan-Preeta’s closeness.
Raj felt sad for Ruchika.He did not know what to say.

Preeta went near Ruchika.
Preeta:Ruchika..I want to say something.
Ruchika:Say Preeta.
Preeta:I have always shared everything first with you.Now also I am doing it.I am in love with Karan.

Ruchika hid her pain and smiled.
Preeta:But I don’t know whether Karan loves me or not.
Ruchika:Karan also loves you Preeta.That’s why he cares for you so much.I have seen love in his eyes for you.
Preeta became very happy.
Ruchika:Don’t delay anymore.You should confess your love to Karan.

Ruchika:No need to be shy Preeta.I will make all the arrangements.
Preeta smiled:You are the best sister anyone could get.
Preeta hugged her happily.Ruchika struggled hard to hide her tears.

Ruchika decorated the backyard with lights.

Karan came with his luggage to the drawing room.
Raghuveer:Why are you carrying your luggage Karan?
Karan:I came here for a purpose.I acted as Kanishk to cure Preeta.Now Preeta has been cured completely.My purpose to stay here is over.So I think it’s time for me to leave.
Raghuveer,Sarla and Ruchika were shocked and upset.
Karan:Thank you so much for everything you all did for me.You all never treated me as an outsider.You all gave me a lot of love.I will never forget it.
They all became emotional.
Ruchika:Before going,are you not bidding good bye to Preeta?
Karan became upset:Yes.
Ruchika:Then go to the backyard.Preeta is waiting for you.She wants to tell you something.Then decide whether you need to go or not.
Karan was confused.

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Neighbours updates opening titles after Pierce Greyson recast




Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours is updating its opening titles to reflect the Pierce Greyson recast.

Digital Spy can give an exclusive first look at the new sequence in our video at the top of the page.

This week’s episodes in Australia will see Don Hany make his first appearance as Pierce, after signing up to take over from Tim Robards in the role.

Tim’s last episode as Pierce aired on Australian screens on Monday (October 19).

april rose pengilly, benny turland and don hany in new neighbours opening titles


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The tweaked titles see Don’s version of Pierce spending time outside the local café with his wife Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and son Hendrix (Benny Turland).

This takes the place of a similar shot from the old titles, which saw Tim’s version of Pierce in the same scenario.

Neighbours fans in Australia will see the new titles later this week, while they air on UK screens in November.

The show announced Pierce’s recast in August after Tim had to bow out earlier than planned.

pierce greyson and dipi rebecchi in neighbours

FremantleChannel 5

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Due to changing regulations and travel restrictions in Australia amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim finished filming four weeks early and chose to fly back to Sydney to be with his wife ahead of the birth of their first child.

Don will be playing Pierce for a few weeks, finishing off the character’s exit storyline.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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Anupama Upcoming Story 20th October 2020 : Kavya attempts to ruin Anupama and Vanraj’s wedding




Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Anupamaa Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Anupama Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Today’s episode starts with Anupama starring at Vanraj. Vanraj starts stunned. It was Vanraj’s dream. Leela asks Kavya why she was late. Kavya says she was stuck with something. She adds she wasn’t present but she will take part in further rituals. Kavya asks Vanraj to fill Anupama’s hairline with sindoor. Vanraj stands confused and follows her order. Kavya next asks Vanraj to tie mangalsutra in Anupama’s neck.

Today’s episode starts with Anupama starring at Vanraj. Vanraj starts stunned. It was Vanraj’s dream. Leela asks Kavya why she was late. Kavya says she was stuck with something. She adds she wasn’t present but she will take part in further rituals. Kavya asks Vanraj to fill Anupama’s hairline with sindoor. Vanraj stands confused and follows her order. Kavya next asks Vanraj to tie mangalsutra in Anupama’s neck.

Also, Read in Hindi :-

Here, Paritosh, Nandini and Sanjay alert Kavya to stay away from Anupama and Vanraj. Kavya says wedding is incomplete without bride crying and her vidai. Leela and others agree. Vanraj thinks why Kavya is behaving weird. Kavya performs a dance on ‘ye galiayn ye chaubara’ song. Anupmaa and others join her.

Later, Anupama’s mother cries. Anupama goes to console her. There, Vanraj apologize to Kavya. Kavya asks Vanraj not to say sorry. Other side, Anupama’s mother says to Anupama she has bear a lot at Shah’s house. Anupma says no and explains Vanraj gave her much happiness. Ahead, Hasmukh and Leela plan for Vanraj and Anupama’s ‘griah pravesh’. Kavya stands at Anupama’s side. Hamukh asks why she us standing at brides side. Kavya says half function she has performed from groom’s side now half she will perform from bride side.

Kavya stands behind Anupama and Vanraj. She loses the tie of Anupama and Vanraj and smirks. Anupama prays to God and says she again stepping inside the house so bless her. She enters the house. Kavya stops Vanraj. Everyone stands shocked seeing Anupama and Vanraj gathbandhan has been loosen. Anupama gets shocked. Kavya says to Vanraj he can only tie the gathbandhan with her. Vanraj stands shocked too. (Episode ends)

Precap: Anupama spots Vanraj with Kavya.

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